building a legacy of strong families for generations to come

The ridge project

Transforming families and communities 

We are committed to breaking generational cycles of incarceration in families and communities throughout Ohio. Through award-winning, based programs and case management, we are helping families create new legacies for themselves and their families. 

Best Practice

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Re-entry approved

We are re-entry approved in the State of Ohio

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Evidence Based

We partner with various organizations and evaluators to maintain program efficacy. Our outcome-based programs transform those whom we serve. 

Best Practice

 Our suite of TYRO and interpersonal communication programs are determined to be best-practice and award-winning curricula. 

Re-entry Approved

We are proud to partner with TYRO to deliver re-entry approved programming throughout Ohio’s instutions and community centers. 

"Being a TYRO is a lifestyle... I look forward for opportunities to prove myself a TYRO. "

TYRO Christopher Bradford

"This program is amazing. I am proud to be a part of something great. I'm now the the father I've always wanted to be."

TYRO Danny Clark


Monday – Friday
8:30 AM- 4:30 PM


(419) 278-0092


J169 St Rt 65

McClure, OH, 43534

“We are building a legacy of strong families for generations to come.”